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A Note for Vanda Fine Clothing

I’m not quite sure when Vanda Fine Clothing became one of the few artisans I would associate with quality neckties and pocket squares, however, when I received a little handwritten note with my order earlier this year I was certain I was dealing with the finest folk Singapore had ever seen.

In attempt to save money on shipping I asked a friend to pay them a visit to pick up the first two items I had ever purchased from them, two Vanda orchid pins - the national flower of Singapore.

It would be about eight months after the initial transaction when I decided it was time to purchase a few of their pocket squares, lovely hand rolled squares initially sold on Style Forum that would eventually give them the impetus to start Vanda Fine Clothing.

In addition to purchasing a few pockets squares, I made a request: I asked if it was possible for them to send me a fabric swatch along with the order. However, I quickly regretted asking for the swatch as I realised they were selling fabric swatches on their website, I had essentially asked them for a freebie—oh dear, I better be prepared for them to spit on my order.

Imagine my surprise when I open up the box in which the squares were shipped in. Inside was another handwritten note with the fabric swatch that I had asked for, a beautifully printed turquoise madder paisley silk swatch.


Whilst being completely unnecessary to entertain such a brash request, it was thoughtful and very much appreciated.

Gerald and Diana, you’ll be receiving a letter from me shortly, and I assure you that you have made a lifelong customer.

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